Can you stay on Matakana Island?

Can you stay on Matakana Island?

Matakana Island Cottage Accommodation You’re on the go every day, working hard and making that cash. And while Matakana Island cottages can’t be in every setting at once, you’ll find that the stunning scenery here is better than all the others combined.

Why is it called Bay of Plenty?

Europeans. The Endeavour, commanded by Lieutenant James Cook, sailed into the bay in 1769. Cook named it ‘Bay of Plenty’, because the people were generous and there were lots of fish, timber and other supplies. From the 1870s onwards European settlers arrived in numbers.

How many hectares is matakana?

Matakana Island is a long, flat barrier island 20km in length and about 3km wide. The island has been continuously populated for centuries by Māori tribes mostly associated with Ngai te Rangi.

What is Bay of Plenty known for?

It is renowned for its prime surfing conditions, fishing spots, glistening white sands and safe swimming waters. Kite and wind surfing are other popular activities on this coastal stretch.

Are dogs allowed on Matakana Island?

When walking on the beaches you can play your part in not disturbing any nests by keeping below the high tide mark, keeping dogs on leashes and ensuring vehicles are not taken onto the beaches.

How big is matakana?

23.44 mi²
Matakana Island/Area

Is Rotorua in Waikato?

The Waikato region encompasses the Waikato, Matamata-Piaka, Waipa, South Waikato districts and Hamilton City. This is smaller than the Waikato regional council area, which extends to the King Country, Taupo, Hauraki and the Coromandel Peninsula, and parts of the Rotorua district.

Is Rotorua in Waikato or Bay of Plenty?

Rotorua (/ˌroʊtəˈruə/; Māori: [ˌɾɔtɔˈɾʉa]) is a city in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand’s North Island.

What iwi is matakana?

The island has been continuously populated for centuries by Māori tribes that are mostly associated with Ngāi Te Rangi.

What does BOP mean in NZ?

Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty Te Moana-a-Toi (Māori)
• Summer (DST) UTC+13 (NZDT)
ISO 3166 code NZ-BOP
HDI (2017) 0.902 very high · 11th

Can you land on Matakana?

The island protects the entrance to the Tauranga harbour and stretches from Bowentown to Mount Maunganui. Matakana Island is largely covered with pine trees although some land is cleared for the residents.

Can you walk around Mt Maunganui?

Mauao is an iconic landmark and traversing its 3.4-kilometres base track is New Zealand’s single most popular walk. Allow 45-minutes and plenty of time to enjoy the crashing ocean waves and views across to Tauranga and Matakana Island.

What is Matakana Island like?

Matakana Island is a long, thin stretch of land around 20-kilometres in length, making it the largest of the coastal islands in the Bay of Plenty region. The land is split between sheltered orchards and farmland, and thick pine forest on the Pacific Ocean side.

How old is the history of occupation on Matakana Island?

Radiocarbon dates indicate a history of occupation from at least 500 years ago. Moa bones found in the sandhills on Matakana Island in 1885 along with other archaeological remains (Bay of Plenty Times, 17 Jan 1885) suggest that initial occupation may have occurred before moa became extinct.

What is the difference between Matakana and Rangiwaea?

Rangiwaea Island, which lies to the southeast of Matakana Core (Fig. 1), has a similar geological structure to Matakana Island and a closely associated geological history. Matakana Island is 24 km long and is New Zealand’s largest barrier island. Its development, together with that of the tombolos adjoining Mount Maunganui 7

What is Te Kura o Te Moutere O Matakana?

Te Kura o Te Moutere o Matakana is a co-educational Māori language immersion state primary school for Year 1 to 8 students, with a roll of 36 as of March 2021. ^ “Census 2006”. Western Bay of Plenty District Council.