How do you get the rare flower in Poptropica?

How do you get the rare flower in Poptropica?

To get it, you must first go into the garden of the Sphinx. At first it appears to have wilted. To restore it to its former glory, you must solve a simple aquadect puzzle to bring water to the garden. Then, it will blossom and you may pluck it.

Where is the Garden of Sphinx on Poptropica?

First, go to the Garden of the Sphinx, which is to the left of the Tree of Immortality. Jump onto the platform to the right of the sphinx. Jump again to the right to the next platform. Jump up and to the right to land on the platform with the rope and sign for the aqueducts.

How do you open Hades door on Poptropica?

Go to your items and click “Use” on them while in front of Hades’ temple to give them as an offering. That’ll unlock the door, and you can enter — dropping down to the depths of the underworld!

How do you get Poseidon’s trident on Poptropica?

Poseidon will give you his trident, which will aid you in battle with Zeus. To reach him, you must go to the Grove of Temples. In his temple, use the starfish as an offering to enter his realm. Go to his beach, and swim down into the ocean maze.

How do you get a bag of wind on Poptropica?

You must give him one Drachma, which you earn from washing the graffiti off of Hades’ temple. He will give you a bag of wind, which you use to fly up to a mountain ledge.

How do you do the pipe tune on Poptropica?

Go inside the Music building where you got the pipe instrument and click on one of the statues and it will teach you how to play a pipe and if you get it right, he’ll give you the pipe tune.

How do you get the secret Apple in Poptropica?

Island Guide – Tips and Tricks! Find the Tree of Immortality where you’ll meet a satyr and learn of his woes after nymphs have hidden his honey from him. In a race against the clock you’ll need to help him collect all his honey, after which he’ll reveal a new path to lead you to the Golden Apple.