How old do you have to be to play Howrse?

How old do you have to be to play Howrse?

Your account must be validated by your parents if you are under 16 years old. You cannot trade with a player who has the same email address as you. You may only make one trade with the same player per week.

What happens when a horse dies in Howrse?

In Howrse, when a horse dies of old age, lack of care, etc they go to Heaven. You can rescue a horse under 25 years of age from Heaven with “Pandora’s Box”. If you do not use a “Pandora’s Box” on a horse, they stay there forever.

How do you get to Yggdrasil on Howrse?

Send your horse to heaven once your horse dies. When your horse dies, you will be given an option to send your horse to heaven. Click this option to proceed. Once you do this, you should now receive the horse Yggdrasil.

How do you send a horse to heaven on Howrse?

If you are going for a pass horse, it must be sent to the Heaven. Once your horse runs out of health (0%) then when you age them for the last time, it will give you the opportunity to send your horse to Heaven and gain your pass. A pass horse is any horse over 30 years of age that dies and is sent to Heaven.

How do you get a divine horse on howrse?

Divine horses are rare horses that can be won from promotions or bought for a large amount of passes after a dedicated promo. Sometimes they are able to be won in luck items such as Golden Fleece, Horn of Plenty and Titan’s Challenge or by achieving a certain rank in a promo.

How do you get a golden horseshoe on Howrse?

In the Rider’s Store event you can get one golden horseshoe for equipping 5 riders, another one for equipping 30 riders, a third one for equipping 70 riders and the last one for equipping 110 riders.

How do you board a horse on howrse?

After your horse is weaned, quickly board it at an equestrian center to be able to put it in a box, put it out into the meadow or put it to bed. To do this, use the link at the top-right of the page to choose an equestrian center. You can choose an equestrian center according to its price or its prestige.

How do you get special horses on Howrse?

What is a pass horse on howrse?

Passes are used to buy Black Market items and horses. They can be purchased for real money or acquired in-game. Each day two missions are available to players to earn equus and/or passes. Passes can also be used to buy a Pegasus account, or a VIP account, if you meet the requirements.

What is a Xanthos on Howrse?

Xanthos is a divine horse that offers a prize when stroked. The very first Xanthos that is stroked gives 10 percent extra energy to the player’s most recently-born horse. The rest offer the chance of winning a Horn of Plenty and 1,000 equus. This horse can be sold.

How do you get free aging points on Howrse?

Ways to earn aging points:

  1. catching them in UFOs (as often as you can find them)
  2. when your horse wakes up (random, about 1/5 to 1/4 of a chance)
  3. using up all your aging points (If you have 2 or fewer, you will get 2 the next day)
  4. open a HoP.

How long do the seasons last on Howrse?

On Howrse, the seasons last one week. Fall starts on the first day of each real month. Since each season lasts 1 week, Winter begins on the 8th, Spring arrives on the 15th, and Summer starts on the 22nd.

Is there a mobile version of Howrse?

There was no mobile version of Howrse, and certainly no App! There wasn’t an ideas forum. As of a little while ago…. there WAS an ideas forum. lol. The international server was the only one. If you didn’t log on the day your mare was going to foal, you lost the foal.

How old should a horse be to breed?

At 2 years 6 months, your horse will reach sexual maturity and be able to breed. At 3 years, your horse will be able to take part in Competitions. Only age your horse if it has over 20% energy, and make sure you age before 22:00.

How old do horses have to be to ride?

At the age of 1 year 8 months, you horse can take part in rides. At 2 years, you’ll be able to start training your horse. At 2 years 6 months, your horse will reach sexual maturity and be able to breed. At 3 years, your horse will be able to take part in Competitions.