How old is Ahmed Shehzad?

41 years (November 23, 1980)
Ahmed Shehzad/Age

What is the age of Umar Akmal?

31 years (May 26, 1990)
Umar Akmal/Age

Are Umar Akmal and Kamran Akmal twins?

The system was never fair to Umar. Akmal is the younger brother of former Pakistan wicketkeeper-batsman Kamran Akmal, who played 53 Tests, 58 T20s, 157 ODIs, and cousin of current captain Babar Azam.

How old is Babar Azam?

27 years (October 15, 1994)
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Who is Umar Akmal wife?

Noor Amnam. 2014
Umar Akmal/Wife

What is the age of Mohammad Hafeez?

41 years (October 17, 1980)
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Is Babar Azam getting married?

Pakistan skipper Babar Azam is set to marry his cousin next year, revealed sources. It has been agreed between the families of the cricketer and his cousin that the two will get hitched in 2022, confirmed sources to a Pakistan daily. Another Bangladesh cricketer Hossain tied the knot with his cousin Sharmin Samira.

Are Umar Akmal and Babar Azam relation?

His cousins Kamran and Umar Akmal, who are older than him, were the reason he was attracted to cricket and their stories and success instilled inspiration into him. Therefore, he decided to take cricket as his profession.

What is the salary of Babar Azam?

Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021

Full Name Mohammad Babar Azam
PSL Salary In Rupees Rs 1.27 Crore Per Season
PSL Salary In USD $ 170,000
Endorsements Head & Shoulders, HBL, Oppo, Huawei, Gray Nicolls, More.
Annual Income + Salary Rs 3 Crore +

Is Babar Azam cousin of Kamran Akmal?

Babar’s father Muhammad breaking down in the stands after his son led Pakistan to their first World Cup victory against India. As Babar’s first cousin Kamran Akmal says, Azam Sr was a hard taskmaster.

Where is Babar Azam born?

Lahore, Pakistan
Babar Azam/Place of birth

How many ducks does Babar Azam have?


Innings: 81
Ducks: 3
4s: 360
6s: 39
Balls Faced: 4448

How old is Umar Akmal now?

Umar Akmal (Urdu: عمر اکمل‎; born 26 May 1990) is a Pakistani cricketer. He made his ODI debut on 1 August 2009 against Sri Lanka and made his Test debut against New Zealand on 23 November 2009. He is a right-handed batsman and a part-time spinner.

How did Umar Akmal score 71 in his debut World Cup match?

Umar Akmal scored 71 runs from 52 balls in his debut World Cup match and was named Man of the Match. In February 2012, Pakistan faced England in four ODIs. Pakistan’s brittle batting meant the team management chose to play Umar as a wicket-keeper based on his batting, though his brother Adnan was considered the better ‘keeper’.

Why was Umar Akmal banned from cricket for 12 months?

In July 2021, Umar Akmal apologised for not reporting corrupt approaches last year, which led to him being banned for 12 months.

Who is Umar Umar’s wife?

In 2014 he married Noor Amna, the daughter of Pakistan leg-spinner Abdul Qadir. Umar represented Pakistan in the 2008 U/19 Cricket World Cup in Malaysia. After his success at the U-19 level he earned himself a first-class contract and played the 2007–08 season of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, representing the Sui Northern Gas team.