How old is Eunha?

24 years (May 30, 1997)

How old is UMJI?

23 years (August 19, 1998)

Umji was born on August 19, 1998, in Incheon, South Korea and is the youngest daughter of her family (one older brother and one older sister).

When did Sowon graduate?

She trained for 4 years at DSP Media, starting in 2010, and moved for Source Music and trained another year and a half to debut in GFriend. She attended the Hanlim Multi Arts High School and graduated in January 2014 and now she currently attends Sungshin Women’s University.

Who is jung singer?

Jung Joon-young
Birth name Jung Joon-young
Born February 21, 1989 Seoul, South Korea
Genres Rock, soft rock, alternative rock, garage rock, hard rock, post-punk revival
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, actor, radio DJ, host, TV personality

How old is YUJU?

24 years (October 4, 1997)

What is SinB real name?

Hwang Eun-bi
SinB/Full name

How old is yerin?

25 years (August 19, 1996)

Where is Gfriend Sowon?

Former GFRIEND member Kim So Jung (Sowon) has signed with IOK Company! On August 2, a source from IOK company shared, “Sowon, who has received great love as GFRIEND’s leader, will change her stage name to Kim So Jung, and she plans on taking a new leap forward with IOK Company.”

Who is the visual of Gfriend?

– Sowon is the visual of the group. (They introduced her as GFriend’s golden visual on GFRDxMMM Showtime.)

How old is Bogum?

28 years (June 16, 1993)
Park Bo-gum/Age

How tall is YUJU?

5′ 7″

Who is Kim So-jung?

Kim So-jung (Korean: 김소정; born June 2, 1989) is a South Korean singer.

Who is Kim Sowon?

Kim So-jung (Sowon) is a South Korean singer, model, and actress who is best known for having been the visual of the girl group, GFriend.

Who is so Jung from GFriend?

Sowon is a South Korean singer and rapper. She is the leader of the girl group GFRIEND. After GFRIEND disbanding on May 22, 2021, So Jung left her old company and has now signed with IOK Company as an actress. She has changed her stage name from Sowon to Kim So Jung.