How old is JB from JLS?

How old is JB from JLS?

35 years (December 7, 1986)
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Aston Merrygold is 33, Marvin Humes is 36, Ortise Williams is 34 and JB Gill is also 34.

What are the names of all the JLS members?

Oritsé WilliamsVocals
Aston MerrygoldVocalsMarvin HumesVocalsJB GillVocalsOritsé

What band was JB in?

JLS2020 – 2013
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Where is JB Gills farm in Kent?

While still in the band, JB and his now wife Chloe bought a working farm in Sevenoaks, Kent where they live with their two children – six-year-old Ace and Chiara, who is two.

Where was Marvin born?

Greenwich, United Kingdom
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What was JLS name before?

JLS a.k.a Jack the Lad Swing are a four-piece boyband. This group were formed around 2007 under the name of UFO (Unique Famous Outrageous). The four members of the band had their own story when it came to what they did before joining the JLS. Oritse Williams started competing in various talent contests since he was 14.

Who wore blue in JLS?

Those watching at home were convinced the comment “known for being blue” was a reference to the colour Aston used to always wear when presenting the X Factor boyband. Taking to Twitter to comment, one said: “Thought this last week but Aston Merrygold from JLS is Robin as his colour was blue #TheMaskedSinger.”

Where is JB Gill turkey farm?


What is JB Gill doing now?

Former JLS star JB Gill has become a farmer since stepping away from the limelight and he now runs a farm in Kent.

Who is JB Gill?

Former JLS star and Songs of Praise presenter who appeared on Dance, Dance, Dance with his wife Chloe JB Gill shot to fame on the X Factor with his band JLS. Following the split of the band, he took up farming, and in 2017 he changed tack again by joining the Songs of Praise presenting team – here’s what you need to know about him…

How old is Jonathan Gill from JLS?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jonathan Benjamin Gill (born 7 December 1986) is an English singer and farmer. He is best known as a member of boy band JLS, who came second on The X Factor in 2008. They went on to have five number-one singles and sold over 10 million records worldwide before disbanding in December 2013.

What does JLS’ JB do for a living?

Since JLS split in 2013, JB turned his hand to farming, and he produces turkey and pork from his smallholding in the Kent countryside. It was announced in 2017 that JB would be joining BBC show Songs of Praise.

What was the original name of JLS?

The were originally called UFO – which stood for Unique Famous Outrageous. They then named themselves Jack the Lad Swing – which combined the phrase Jack the lad and the urban music of new Jack swing. After this they shortened the name to JLS. Who were the original members JLS?