Is it legal to smoke weed in Washington?

Is it legal to smoke weed in Washington?

Washington state law protects private marijuana use, so you can consume openly in a residence as long as the property owner allows it. In addition, the state’s Smoking in Public Places law (RCW 70.160) prohibits smoking of any kind in public places and places of employment.

Is weed legal in Seattle 2020?

Only adults 21 and older can purchase and possess recreational marijuana. Persons between the ages of 18 and 21 years may be permitted upon licensed premises if they are a qualifying patient with an authorization or recognition card. More information can be found at Department of Health’s medical marijuana page .

Is Seattle legal for weed?

Marijuana purchases must be made in Washington State approved retail stores. The location of these can be found on the WSLBC website. The law states that it is illegal to open a package containing marijuana or marijuana product, or smoke marijuana in public.

When did Wa legalize weed?

Washington State subsequently legalized recreational use of cannabis in 2012 with passage of voter Initiative 502 (I-502).

What happens if you get caught with weed under 18 in Washington?

Underage Distribution of Marijuana The sale or delivery of marijuana to someone under the age of eighteen will be guilty of a class C felony. A Class C felony is punishable by: Up to 5 years in a State Correctional Facility. A fine of up to $10,000.

How much weed is a felony in Washington?

Possession of More than 40 Grams of Marijuana: Possession of more than 40 grams of marijuana in Washington State is a class C felony and may be punishable by up to 5 years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Can you enter a dispensary at 18?

The only people under 21 who are allowed inside a dispensary shopping area are medical marijuana patients. Dispensaries face heavy scrutiny from law enforcement and state regulators, so much so that most of them won’t accept vertical IDs.

What happens if you get caught growing weed in WA?

For a first offence, a sentence of imprisonment, suspended imprisonment or conditional suspended imprisonment; For a subsequent offence, a sentence of at least 6 months imprisonment, which is not suspended.

Is weed legal in Perth?

Because cannabis is harmful, it is against the law for people in Western Australia to cultivate, possess, use, sell or supply cannabis, or to possess pipes and other smoking implements containing detectable traces of cannabis. It is also illegal for shops to sell or display cannabis smoking paraphernalia.

What drugs are legal in WA?

Possessing small amounts of drugs including heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine has effectively been decriminalized in Washington state since February, when the state supreme court threw out the existing felony drug law in its “Blake” decision.

Are all drugs legal in Washington?

Drug Possession Is Officially A Crime Again In Washington, But As A Misdemeanor Instead Of Felony. Nearly four months after the state Supreme Court struck down Washington’s felony drug possession law as unconstitutional, Gov.

Is ayahuasca legal in Washington?

In October 2021, Seattle’s city council voted unanimously to decriminalize the cultivation and sharing of psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, ibogaine, and non-peyote-derived mescaline.