Were there 11 or 12 ships in the First Fleet?

Were there 11 or 12 ships in the First Fleet?

Australia’s “First Fleet” was a group of 11 ships and about 1,400 people who established the first European settlements in Botany Bay and Sydney. On May 13, 1787, a group of over 1,400 people in 11 ships set sail from Portsmouth, England. The convicts of the First Fleet included both men and women. …

What was the most important ship in the First Fleet?

Alexander, weighing in at 452 tons, 114 ft long and 31 ft at the beam, the Alexander was commanded by Master Duncan Sinclair. She carried 192 male convicts and was the largest ship in the fleet.

How many ships in the First Fleet carried convicts?

11 vessels
The First Fleet, consisting of 11 vessels, was the largest single contingent of ships to sail into the Pacific Ocean. Its purpose was to find a convict settlement on the east coast of Australia, at Botany Bay.

Which ship sank in the First Fleet?

HMS Sirius
At midday on 19 March 1790 HMS Sirius, flagship of the First Fleet, was wrecked on the coral reef off Slaughter Bay. She had led the fleet of eleven ships that set out from England in 1787 carrying the people who would start a new Nation on the other side of the world. In a sense, the Sirius is Australia’s Mayflower.

What ship was Captain Arthur Phillip on?

HMS Buckingham
On 16 October 1755, he enlisted in the Royal Navy as captain’s servant aboard the 68-gun HMS Buckingham, commanded by his mother’s cousin, Captain Michael Everitt. As a member of Buckingham’s crew, Phillip served in home waters until April 1756 and then joined Admiral John Byng’s Mediterranean fleet.

What were the names of the ships in the Second fleet?

Ships of the Second Fleet

  • The Guardian.
  • Justinian.
  • The Lady Juliana.
  • Neptune.
  • Scarborough.
  • Surprize.

What are the eleven ships of the First Fleet?

The First Fleet’s 11 ships comprised two Royal Navy escort ships, the HMS Sirius and HMS Supply, six convict transports, the Alexander, Charlotte, Friendship, Lady Penrhyn, Prince of Wales and the Scarborough, and three store ships, the Borrowdale, Fishburn and Golden Grove.

What was Australia first called?

New Holland
New Holland (Dutch: Nieuw-Holland) is a historical European name for mainland Australia. The name was first applied to Australia in 1644 by the Dutch seafarer Abel Tasman.

What were the 11 ships in the First Fleet used for?

The fleet of 11 ships that made its way to Botany Bay was comparatively small given the nature of its mission. The establishment of a new penal colony on the remote coast of New Holland would provide relief for Britain’s crowded prisons and stake a strategic claim in the Pacific ahead of Britain’s rivals.

Where did the first fleet stop on the way to Australia?

The First Fleet left Portsmouth, England on 13 May 1787. The entire journey took 252 days (a little over 8 months). From England, the fleet sailed to Australia making stops in Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town. They arrived in Botany Bay in mid-January 1788.

Was Arthur Phillip married?

Isabella Phillipm. 1794–1814
Margaret Phillipm. 1763–1769
Arthur Phillip/Spouse

What name did Arthur Phillip originally choose for Sydney Cove?

Sydney Cove, officially dual-named with its original Aboriginal name Warrane, is a bay on the southern shore of Sydney Harbour, one of several harbours in Port Jackson, on the coast of Sydney, New South Wales.