What are the steps in layout planning?

What are the steps in layout planning?

There are six steps in Systematic Layout Planning:

  1. Chart the Relationships.
  2. Establish Space Requirements.
  3. Diagram Activity Relationships.
  4. Draw Space Relationships.
  5. Evaluate Alternative Arrangements.
  6. Detail the Selected Layout Plan.

What are the factors in determining layout and design?


  • Ease of future expansion or change—Facilities should be designed so that they can be easily expanded or adjusted to meet changing production needs.
  • Flow of movement—The facility design should reflect a recognition of the importance of smooth process flow.

How should an organization decide on which layout to choose?

Top 10 Characteristics or Features of a good layout

  1. Efficient space utilization.
  2. Flexibility.
  3. Accessibility.
  4. Economy in handling.
  5. Minimum movement.
  6. Ensuring Co-ordination.
  7. Visibility.
  8. Reduced discomfort.

What is a process layout in operations management?

Process layouts are facility configurations in which operations of a similar nature or function are grouped together. As such, they occasionally are referred to as functional layouts. Their purpose is to process goods or provide services that involve a variety of processing requirements.

What is a line layout?

Product or Line Layout: Product or straight line layout means the arrangement of production equipment in the order of manufacturing operations. “Line layout is intended to effect an orderly and logical arrangement of productive facilities that will be consistent with large production volume.”

What are the steps on basic layout?

Procedure for Building Plant Layout: 15 Steps

  • Step # 1. Accumulate Basic Data:
  • Step # 2. Analyse and Coordinate Basic Data:
  • Step # 3. Decide Equipment and Machinery Required:
  • Step # 4. Select the Material Handling System:
  • Step # 5. Sketch Plan of the Plot:
  • Step # 6. Determine a General Flow Pattern:
  • Step # 7.
  • Step # 8.

What does good layout require to determine?

The key to good facility layout and design is the integration of the needs of people (personnel and customers), materials (raw, finishes, and in process), and machinery in such a way that they create a single, well-functioning system.

Which of the following is a technique of designing a facility layout?

The most widely used techniques for facility design is Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) by muther. Other techniques considered for solving these problems are CRAFT, ALDEP and CORELAP etc. These techniques are used to formulate a new plant layout.

What are the three steps in designing process layouts?

The steps for designing process layouts are (1) gather information about space needs, space availability, and closeness requirements of departments; (2) developing a block plan or schematic of the layout; and (3) developing a detailed layout.

What is sewing line layout?

The sewing line layout can be defined as the way sewing workstations are placed in the sewing floor to form a line (or batch) that works on single style. The purpose of choosing one line layout over other is to achieve best production with existing resources. The line layout in a factory is not changed frequently.

What do you understand by process layout?

In manufacturing engineering, process layout is a design for the floor plan of a plant which aims to improve efficiency by arranging equipment according to its function. In process layout, the work stations and machinery are not arranged according to a particular production sequence.

What are the five stages of layout design?

There are FIVE BASIC DESIGN PHASES to architectural services: (1) Schematic Design, (2) Design Development, (3) Construction Documents, (4) Bidding, and (5) Construction Observation.

What are the steps involved in designing a layout of a plant?

The following are the steps involved in designing a layout: 1. Collection of required data Data about the size of the plant, type of products to be produced, method of production to be adopted, extent of space available, extent of mechanization etc are to be collected. 2. Preparation of blueprint for the floor plan

What factors should be considered when designing a facility layout?

The design of the facility layout should consider overall objectives set by the organization. Optimum space needs to be allocated for process and technology. A proper safety measure as to avoid mishaps. Overall management policies and future direction of the organization

What are the objectives of layout design process?

The layout design process considers mostly a single objective while designing layouts. In process layout, the objective is to minimize the total cost of materials handling. Because of the nature of the layout, the cost of equipments will be the minimum in this type of layout.

What is the first layout task in construction?

Typically the first layout task is establishing a baseline to which all the setting out can be related. The baseline is a straight reference line in respect to which the building’s corners are located on the ground.