What are winters like in Harrisburg PA?

What are winters like in Harrisburg PA?

In Harrisburg, the summers are warm and humid, the winters are very cold and snowy, and it is partly cloudy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 23°F to 86°F and is rarely below 11°F or above 94°F.

Does Harrisburg PA get alot of snow?

The US average is 28 inches of snow per year….Climate Averages.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania United States
Snowfall 25.8 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 122.4 days 106.2 days
Sunny 193 days 205 days
Avg. July High 85.1° 85.8°

Why does it snow in Pennsylvania?

Cold air flows over Lake Erie and hits moisture, bringing high totals of lake-effect snow into the northwest corner of the state. Pennsylvanians can track the progress of PennDOT snow plows during Winter Storm Stella and find out where they are currently working.

How do people survive winter in Pennsylvania?

What are some of the tips you’d give to other Pennsylvanians for surviving a Pennsylvania winter? Click here to check out these nine must visit spots in PA this winter.

Is Harrisburg PA A good place to live?

Harrisburg, PA is ranked Best Place to Live in Pennsylvania, 44th in the Best Places to Live by U.S. News & World Report. Harrisburg was rated a 6.7 out of 10 based on desirability, value, job market, quality of life, and net migration. Harrisburg beat out locations like Charleston, Rochester and even Orlando.

How cold does Pennsylvania get in the winter?

The cold season lasts for 3.1 months, from December 2 to March 7, with an average daily high temperature below 49°F. The coldest month of the year in Philadelphia is January, with an average low of 27°F and high of 41°F.

What part of PA gets the most snow?

Pennsylvania tends to experience significant snowfall annually, but one town — Erie — stands above the rest, earning recognition as the town that gets the most snow in Pennsylvania. The annual snowfall in Erie averages 101.2 inches with snow falling an average of 57 days.

What is the coldest city in Pennsylvania?

Smethport, having the coldest temperature ever recorded in Pennsylvania, is the coldest place in Pennsylvania and one of the coldest towns in the contiguous United States.

What will winter be like in 2021?

Winter will be warmer and drier than normal, with below-normal snowfall. The coldest period will be from late December into early January, with the snowiest periods in late November, late December, and early January. April and May will have near-normal temperatures and be rainier than normal.

How do people dress in the winter in PA?

When choosing what to wear in Philadelphia in winter, you’ll want to bring the warmest winter coat you have made from wool or down. A warm hat, gloves, scarf, and base layer pants are also essential.

Are snow chains allowed in PA?

(d) Tire chains. –Tire chains may be temporarily used on vehicles during periods of snow and ice emergency if they are in conformance with regulations promulgated by the department.

Why are people moving to Harrisburg PA?

Harrisburg named one of the top 10 best cities for new grads to live, work and play by realtor.com. – Named for it’s affordable housing, low unemployment rate, and many extracurricular opportunities. Harrisburg was rated a 6.7 out of 10 based on desirability, value, job market, quality of life, and net migration.

Does it snow in Harrisburg PA?

Harrisburg averages 26 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year. On average, there are 193 sunny days per year in Harrisburg. The US average is 205 sunny days.

What is the best month to live in Harrisburg PA?

June, September and August are the most pleasant months in Harrisburg, while January and February are the least comfortable months. Harrisburg Harrisburg-Carlisle Metro Pennsylvania State January Low Temp. July High Temp. 0 100 25 50 75

What is the wettest season in Harrisburg PA?

The wettest season is Autumn with 28% of yearly precipitation and 21% occurs in Spring, which is the driest season. The annual rainfall of 41.8 inches in Harrisburg means that it is drier than most places in Pennsylvania. May is the rainiest month in Harrisburg with 12.6 days of rain, and September is the driest month with only 8.9 rainy days.

How much rain does Harrisburg get per year?

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania gets 42 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 39 inches of rain per year. Harrisburg averages 27 inches of snow per year.