What country did Philip II of Spain rule?

What country did Philip II of Spain rule?

Philip II (Spanish: Felipe II; 21 May 1527 – 13 September 1598) also known as “Philip the Prudent” (Spanish: Felipe el Prudente) was King of Spain (1556–1598), King of Portugal (1580–1598, as Philip I, Portuguese: Filipe I), King of Naples and Sicily (both from 1554), and jure uxoris King of England and Ireland (during …

When did Philip II rule England?

Philip II (Spanish: Felipe II de España; Portuguese: Filipe I) (May 21, 1527 – September 13, 1598) was King of Spain from 1556 until 1598, King of Naples from 1554 until 1598, king consort of England (as husband of Mary I) from 1554 to 1558, Lord of the Seventeen Provinces (holding various titles for the individual …

How long did Philip II rule Spain quizlet?

King of Spain from 1556 to 1598.

When did Philip II becomes King of Spain?

January 1556
Philip II was born in 1527 and he died in 1598. Philip II became king of Spain in January 1556. He governed Spain in her so-called “Golden Age”. However, his reign saw the economic decline of Spain, her bankruptcy and a disastrous decade from 1588 to 1598 which included the disaster of the Spanish Armada.

How did Philip the 2nd rule?

From Madrid he ruled his empire through his personal control of official appointments and all forms of patronage. Philip’s subjects outside Castile, thus, never saw him, and they gradually turned not only against his ministers but also against him.

What did Philip the second of Spain do?

Upon becoming King of Spain, Philip II was the ruler of one of the largest empires the world had ever seen. During his long life, he attempted to expand the power of Spain, centralize the government, and protect the Catholic Church against Protestant reformers.

Who was King of Spain in 1715?

Philip V
Philip V, also called (until 1700) Philippe, duc d’Anjou, (born December 19, 1683, Versailles, France—died July 9, 1746, Madrid, Spain), king of Spain from 1700 (except for a brief period from January to August 1724) and founder of the Bourbon dynasty in Spain.

What is Philip the second known for?

King Philip II of Spain, also known as Philip the Prudent, ruled one of the world’s largest empires. His reign as Spain’s king began the Golden Age, a period of great cultural growth in literature, music and the visual arts. He was also the King of England through his marriage to Mary Tudor for four years.

Who was Philip the second quizlet?

Philip II (382-336 B.C.) was a king of Macedon, a conqueror, and a leader of the Corinthian League. He suppressed his feudal barons, forged a professional army infused with a national spirit, and developed novel military tactics. You just studied 4 terms!

Why did Philip the second invade England?

Philip II had one simple aim, which as to replace Elizabeth and restore Catholicism back in England under a new Catholic monarch. They would sail up the English Channel, before docking in the Netherlands, pick up soldiers, ferry them to England and depose Elizabeth.

Who was the Philippines named after?

King Philip II
The Philippines are named after King Philip II (1527-1598) of Spain. The country was discovered by the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 (while in Spanish service). Later tension arose between Portugal and Spain and in 1542 Spain re-claimed the islands for themselves, naming them after its then king.

How did Philip the second strengthen his control over Spain?

To strengthen his control, Philip insisted on strict conformity to Catholicism and strong monarchical authority. During the late Middle Ages, Catholic kingdoms in Spain had reconquered Muslim areas there and expelled the Spanish Jews.

What happened to Philip II after he became king?

Philip II was assassinated in 336 B.C.E., and was succeeded by his son, Alexander III, later known as Alexander the Great. While Philip II did not fulfill his plans to expand his empire through Persian territory, he is often credited with paving the way for his son to be one of the greatest military leaders in history.

What is the meaning of Philip the second?

This 1825 illustration of Philip II of Macedonia depicts him wearing a lion’s skin headdress. (356-323 BCE) Greek ruler, explorer, and conqueror. loosely united civilization founded on and around the Peloponnese peninsula, lasting from about the 8th century BCE to about 200 BCE. to murder someone of political importance.

How many times did King Philip II of Spain marry?

Philip II, detail of an oil painting by Titian; in the Corsini Gallery, Rome. Emperor Charles V and his son Philip II, sardonyx cameo by Leone Leoni, 1550; in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. Philip contracted four marriages. The first was with his cousin Maria of Portugal in 1543.

Who was King Philip II of Macedonia?

He was the 18th king of Macedonia and ruled from 359 to 336 B.C.E. Macedon was unstable during Philip II’s youth. During an invasion by the Greek city-state of Thebes, Philip himself was even taken hostage. He remained in Thebes for three years and learned military strategies from Epaminondas, the great Theban general.