What do you mean by acquire?

What do you mean by acquire?

1 : to get as one’s own: a : to come into possession or control of often by unspecified means acquire property The team acquired three new players this year.

How do you use acquire?

Acquire in a Sentence 🔉

  1. You will need a great deal of money to acquire the valuable painting.
  2. Because Kurt wants to acquire ten thousand shares of stock, he will call his broker tomorrow.
  3. Do you know how I can acquire the money to start my own restaurant?
  4. The salesman will help me acquire a new car.

WHAT DOES year acquired mean?

acquisition year . , in respect of a vehicle, means the calendar year in which the vehicle is purchased or, in the case of a leased vehicle, the calendar year in which the lessee first becomes entitled, under the lease, to have access to the vehicle; (« année d’acquisition »)

What is acquired in medical terms?

Medical Definition of acquired 1 of a disease or medical condition : developed or originating after birth : not congenital or hereditary Hyperoxaluria may be due to overproduction from hereditary disorders of metabolism or it may be an acquired disorder caused by intestinal disease or diet. —

Is taste acquired?

Acquiring tastes is a natural part of human development, but many adults still can’t stomach certain flavors. For people who want to overcome their food phobias, “hacking” the psychology of acquired taste is possible.

What is acquired and required?

As verbs the difference between require and acquire is that require is (label) to ask (someone) for something; to request while acquire is to get.

What is a good sentence for the word acquire?

“He has acquired great knowledge of medicine.” “He acquired an impressive collection of fine wines.” “She acquired a fortune after selling her stocks.” “He has acquired a bad habit of smoking.”

What I think it means acquired?

To acquire means to get or come to own something. You acquire an education by your own effort. You acquire a painting by paying for it, or when someone gives it you. You acquire a sense of calm in crisis through experience.

What does acquired mean in business?

An acquisition is when one company purchases most or all of another company’s shares to gain control of that company. Acquisitions, which are very common in business, may occur with the target company’s approval, or in spite of its disapproval.

What is acquired disease example?

Some of the commonly known acquired diseases are Salmonella infections, AIDS/HIV infections, influenza, malaria, cancer, norovirus infections etc.

What is a acquired disease?

Acquired disease. An acquired disease is one that began at some point during one’s lifetime, as opposed to disease that was already present at birth, which is congenital disease.

Is liquor an acquired taste?

Now, an acquired taste is something that is not hardwired into the brain. Acquired tastes are unlikely to be enjoyed without substantial repeated exposure. And alcohol is one of those things that is an acquired taste, but on the other hand, the sweetness and sugar, that’s more of an innate taste.

What is purchase interest charge and how does it work?

Purchase interest charge is just a concise way banks refer to the interest you are paying on your purchases. You’re charged interest when your purchases are not paid in full by the end of the billing cycle in which those purchases were made.

What should be included in an interest purchase agreement?

When forming an interest purchase agreement contract, you should make sure the document specifies certain aspects. Some examples include the following: Include the name and address of the LLC as well as the other party entering into the agreement. Include the date when this takes place.

Can a membership interest purchase agreement be used to sell?

Membership Interest Purchase Agreement. If you have a private limited liability company (LLC) in the United States, you might encounter a long-form agreement for purchasing and selling outstanding membership interests. Drafted in favor of the buyer, the agreement assumes that there are a single buyer and seller.

What is the basis of property acquired by purchase?

– Basis of property acquired by purchase is its cost. Section 1012. » Original basis equals purchase price. If some of the purchase price is from borrowed funds these amounts are still included in original basis. 5 Tax Implications for Buyer and Seller