What ethnicity is Gerard Way?

What ethnicity is Gerard Way?

Way was born in Summit, New Jersey, on April 9, 1977, the son of Donna Lee (née Rush) and Donald Way. He is of Italian and Scottish ancestry.

What is Ray Toro full name?

Raymond Toro
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Where is Ray Toro?

Kearny, NJ
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Where did Toro go to school?

Montclair State University
William Paterson UniversityKearny High School
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How is Joe Rogan related to Gerard Way?

I don’t know him, but we are cousins.” Kevin Smith went on to detail the branches that connect Joe Rogan and Gerard Way. Smith recounted an occasion where Gerard Way told him that Joe Rogan’s grandmother Josie was also Gerard Way’s Aunt Josie. Joe Rogan also confirmed the same family connection.

What was wrong with Gerard Way?

Gerard Way opens up about relapse into alcoholism before My Chemical Romance split. Gerard Way has revealed he relapsed into alcoholism after his former band My Chemical Romance released what would be their final album. He broke up the band, he says, to save himself. “I relapsed, not into drugs but booze,” he says.

Is Ray Toro biracial?

Toro was born July 15, 1977, in Kearny, New Jersey. He is of Puerto Rican-Portuguese heritage. He grew up in a small house on the border between Kearny and Harrison, New Jersey, which he shared with his parents and two brothers.

What nationality is Ray Toro?

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Are Gerard Way and Billy Corgan related?

Just a reminder that Billy Corgan is Gerard Ways real dad.

Does Joe Rogan like MCR?

Podcast giant Joe Rogan has confirmed that his distant cousin is My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, but they “don’t know each other”. Rogan revealed the unlikely relations between the two as he sat down with Clerks legend Kevin Smith for the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, his hugely popular podcast series.

What drugs were Gerard Way on?

A few years ago, Gerard Way says, he was a dead man walking, racked by cocaine and alcohol addictions that helped the shy kid face the public. But his problems caught up with him, and he got seriously ill while on tour in Japan in 2004.

Who is the lead singer of My Chemical Romance?

Gerard Way
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Singer Gerard Way (b. April 9, 1977, Summit, New Jersey, U.S.) founded My Chemical Romance in 2001 in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks, citing the tragedy as a motivation to “make a difference.” The group’s original lineup consisted of Way, brother Michael James (Mikey) Way (b.