What happened to Joe Gardener?

What happened to Joe Gardener?

Joe was eaten by 22’s lost soul form, and finds himself inside trying to reach out to her, only to be stopped by recreations of her former mentors, including himself.

Where does Joe Gardener live?

When not talking or writing about gardening and living green, Joe can likely be found in and around his organic garden and spending time with his family on their Atlanta, GA farm.

Is Joe the gardener married?

According to his BBC profile, Joe is married, but not much is known of their marriage. It also states that Joe and his wife and their teenage children live together in Hackney. Joe has previously given an insight into his family life in 2008, in a piece written on the BBC website on gardening at home.

Where is growing a greener world filmed at?

‘Growing a Greener World’ begins filming in November MILTON, Ga. – “Growing a Greener World,” an American Public Television production, will begin filming promos at host Joe Lamp’l’s new home in Milton next month. In its fourth season, the show focuses on educating viewers about living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Does Joe Gardner come back to life?

Yes, he falls down a manhole and ends up in the hospital, but Joe Gardner never dies. His body wakes up from the coma with 22 inside, while Joe Gardner’s soul came back to earth inside a cat.

Who is Joe Gardener based on soul?

teacher Dr. Peter Archer
Music teacher Dr. Peter Archer is the real-life inspiration for Joe Gardner, the main character voiced by Jamie Foxx in Disney-Pixar’s Soul.

Who is Joe Gardener based on?

Dr. Peter Archer

Is Growing a Greener World still on TV?

Growing a Greener World is an award-winning gardening and green living television show airing nationally on public television! Season 12 is currently in production with 13 episodes slated for an October 2021 launch.

Does Joe Swift have a partner?

Joe lives in Hackney and is married with two teenage children.

Who is Joe Swifts dad?

Clive Swift
Joe Swift/Fathers

What is Joe Gardner’s purpose?

In Pixar’s new animated film “Soul,” music teacher Joe Gardner gets the big break he’s been waiting for his whole life — but it doesn’t feel like how he thought it would. Joe believes his purpose in life is to play jazz, and he neglects his relationships to his community in this pursuit.

Does Joe return to his body in soul?

Instead, he ends up in The Great Before — a rather pleasant baby soul purgatory — and is tasked with preparing a rogue soul called 22 (Tina Fey) for life on Earth. By the end of the film, both Joe and 22 make their way back to Earth, with Joe returning to his body ready to live and appreciate every moment of his life.