What is a gore in real estate?

What is a gore in real estate?

A gore is an irregular parcel of land, as small as a triangle of median in a street intersection or as large as an unincorporated area the size of a township. In modern land law and surveying a gore is a strip of land, usually triangular in shape, as might be left between surveys that do not close.

What does gore law mean?

First, Georgia code defines gore as “the area of convergence between two lanes of traffic. Gores were created to help protect ongoing traffic when cars are entering and exiting the freeway. The intent was that the marked out area would help organize traffic so people could safely merge into traffic. O.C.G.A.

What is the broadest type of easement?

“Fee” is the short form of a fancy legal term “fee simple” which Black’s Law Dictionary defines as an interest in land […] being the broadest property interest allowed by law. In other words, by taking title to land in “fee” you own the surface the minerals and all rights associated therewith.

What is a Strip property?

Any shopping area, generally with common parking, comprised of a row of stores.

What is the difference between a gap and a gore?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The term gaps and gores refers to portions of land areas that do not conform to boundaries found in cadastre and other land surveys based upon imprecise measurements and other ambiguities of metes and bounds.

Is it illegal to cross the gore point?

Do not cross the gore point. The gore point is that triangled section separating the exit lane from the main portion of the freeway. Crossing the gore point is not only dangerous, but if affects other traffic it can be illegal.

What are incorporeal rights?

Incorporeal rights are rights to property that can’t be seen or touched but are still enforceable by law. Generally, incorporeal rights have to do with intangible property such as copyrights, licenses, rights-of-way, and easements.

What is easement in real estate?

An easement is a legal interest in real property that gives you the right to use another person’s property. A common example of an easement is when one person is given the right to cross or access a road across another person’s property. Other common examples of easements are phone, gas, and power lines.

What is a reservation strip?

Reserve strip: A strip of land adjacent to a street or road which limits or controls access to the street or road.

How do Gores get their names?

Historically, North American named gores were most often the result of errors when the land was first surveyed and Colonial era land patents and, later, towns were laid out.

What are the laws governing gores and unincorporated territories?

Different states have different laws governing gores and other unincorporated territories. In Maine, all unincorporated territories (whether townships, gores, plantations, or grants) are governed directly by the Land Use Planning Commission, a state agency.

What is the fourth requirement for a strip of land?

Although case law has stated the fourth requirement is that the strip has to be of insignificant or little practical value, the court believe the fourth requirement should be stated as in other case law: the strip has ceased to be of benefit or importance to the grantor of the larger tract. [Escondido Servs.,LLC v.