What is est elle?

C’est and il/elle est are two common expressions used to describe people or things in French. Though they have the same meaning (he/she/it is), they’re not interchangeable.

What is the meaning of elle est belle?

Compare “elle est belle” and “il est beau” → “she is beautiful” and “he is beautiful” or the plural forms “elles sont belles” and “ils sont beaux” → “they (feminine) are beautiful” and “they (masculine) are beautiful.”

What is the meaning of je t’aime pour toujours?

French words Je t’aime pour toujours and traslated to english is meaning I love you forever.

What do you mean by Pour toujours?

Dictionary. pour toujours adverb. forever [fəˈrevə] (locution adverbiale, constamment)