What is the average weight of a linebacker in high school?

What is the average weight of a linebacker in high school?

The high school heights of the group range from 5-foot-11 to 6-foot-4 with the weights ranging from 190 to 260 pounds. The average size of the future top linebacker in this sample is 6-foot-1.9, 216 pounds.

Whats a good weight for a linebacker?

So what is the ideal size for a linebacker? It’s changing. You want height (6’1-6’3) and weight for an Inside Linebacker (ILB) to be around 220-245; to take on guards and h-backs.

How much should a high school linebacker lift?

Bench: 300 lbs. Squat: 435 lbs.

How big should a linebacker be?

A very significant number of linebackers were well under the 250 pound mark that is considered ideal. Many are even under 240. So why is it that we are spoon fed that a middle linebacker needs to be over 240 and should bulk up to 250 or more to be successful in the NFL?

How much should a 14 year old football player weight?


Age/Weight Division Age(s) Certification Weight
JR. VARSITY (older/lighter) 10-11-12 13* 90-160 lbs. 90-140 lbs.
VARSITY (older/lighter) 12-13-14 15* 105-185 lbs. 105-165 lbs.
JR. BANTAM (older/lighter) 12-13-14 15* 120-175 lbs. 120-155 lbs.
BANTAM (older/lighter) 13-14-15 16* 135-190 lbs. 135-170 lbs.

Who is the smallest linebacker in NFL?

Trindon Holliday
Trindon Holliday (5’5″ 165) At 5’5″, Holliday is the smallest player in the NFL. But, he is also one of the fastest.

What is a Mike LB?

The Mike linebacker is the middle linebacker on the defense. This call is made by the quarterback or center to help with the blocking schemes.

How do linebackers gain weight?

How to Gain Weight and Muscle by Eating

  1. Don’t Just Eat Everything in Sight.
  2. Eat Lots of Proteins.
  3. Add Some Carbohydrates.
  4. Increase Your Intake of Good Fats.
  5. Always Carry Some Snacks With You.
  6. Drink Lots of Water.

What is the weight limit for pee wee football?


Age/Weight Division Age(s) Certification Weight
MITEY-MITE 7-8-9 45-105 lbs.
JR. PEE WEE (older/lighter) 8-9-10 11* 60-120 lbs. 60-100 lbs.
PEE WEE (older/lighter) 9-10-11 12* 75-135 lbs. 75-115 lbs.
JR. VARSITY (older/lighter) 10-11-12 13* 90-160 lbs. 90-140 lbs.

How tall is Barry Sanders?

5′ 8″
Barry Sanders/Height

Can linebackers be short?

A shorter linebacker can be an outstanding run defender and might have an advantage over a taller linebacker in that area. Linebackers often have to take on offensive linemen before making the tackle. A shorter linebacker can get underneath the blocker and neutralize the offensive lineman’s size and strength.

What is a SAM linebacker?

The strongside linebacker (SLB) is often nicknamed the “Sam” for purposes of calling a blitz. Since the strong side of the offensive team is the side on which the tight end lines up, or whichever side contains the most personnel, the strongside linebacker usually lines up across from the tight end.

How much does a power 5 linebacker weigh?

FBS Power 5 Linebacker Physical Measurables: Height: 6’2″ Weight: 220 lbs. Stats: 40yd: 4.6; Bench: 315 lbs. Squat: 445 lbs. Coach Keys: Shows the ability to take over a game defensively. Active and causes havoc all around the field. Knocks blockers and ball-carriers backward and/or off their feet. Instinctive and plays downhill in the run game.

What is the average weight of a D3 linebacker?

Low D2/NAIA/All D3 Linebacker 1 Physical Measurables: Weight: 190 lbs. 2 Stats: Bench: 275 lbs. Squat: 395 lbs. 3 Coach Keys: Active player flashes decent movement. Flashes ability to stand blockers up and also to knock ball-carriers backward on contact.

What makes a good inside linebacker in high school football?

Multiple year All-State selection with some recognition by national recruiting media on the high end. All Area/District and Multi-Year All Conference at a minimum. Defensive Captains with signal-calling experience are highly desirable for inside linebackers.