What is the free cruise scam?

What is the free cruise scam?

The ‘free cruise’ scam What you actually get in this cruise scam is some combination of: “Fees and taxes,” including those imposed by the cruise line in addition to government fees. A requirement to sit through a high-pressure timeshare presentation that may go on for four or five hours.

How does the cruise scam work?

Local Cruise Scams Usually they involve a minor loss of time and money, but occasionally they can be worse. Typical scams include fake taxi drivers who call out “taxi,” grab your baggage, ask for a payment, then hand you over to a real taxi driver who ignores what you paid the tout and charges you the going rate.

Do you have to wear a mask on cruise lines?

“You will be required to wear a mask throughout the cruise while indoors and in public areas. The masks are also mandatory during disembarkation and throughout the terminal.

Is my Caribbean vacation International a scam?

This is a TOTAL scam and should not be legal especially under the guise of winning a free trip.

What should you not buy on a cruise?

11 things you should never buy on a cruise ship (or in port)

  • Art.
  • Toiletries.
  • ‘Special’ spa treatments.
  • ‘Medi’ spa treatments.
  • Any treatments in spas known for the hard sell.
  • Manicure and pedicures.
  • Precious gems.
  • Souvenirs from the port terminal.

Does cell phones work on cruise ships?

Do cell phones work on cruise ships? Guests are free to utilize their cellular data or connect to our onboard Wi-Fi on any ship. But, please be aware that cellular data used on the ship or in certain ports of call will result in charges from your cell phone provider.

What is the dirtiest cruise ship?

Top 6 Dirtiest Cruise Ships-CDC Publishes Its List

  • Oceania Insignia. Oceania Cruises’ Insignia is one of the ships that received a failing score, 80 out of 100, due to issues with maintaining proper pH and halogen levels in its drinking water.
  • Silver Wind.
  • Silver Spirit.
  • Safari Endeavor.
  • Norwegian Breakaway.
  • Le Boreal.

How many cruise ships have been attacked by pirates?

Only six of the 230 recorded attacks were against cruise ships. None have resulted in capture. A well-known incident occurred in 2005 when the Seabourn Spirit was fired at in a hijack attempt. The attempt was unsuccessful but is famous largely because of the footage of the event.

Are surveyors scamming you by asking for your opinion?

The surveyor uses the account number to post phony charges on the consumer’s account. Know with whom you are dealing. While there are polling and research companies that legitimately want your opinion, some supposed surveyors are scam artists in disguise. Ask questions and be sure you know with whom you are dealing.

Is there such a thing as a fake free cruise?

Today we look at one of the most common phone scams out there: a fake free cruise that crooks offer via a call. Let’s dive in. Free vacation from some of the most popular travel agencies is always nice to have but watch out for this scam.

Is a cruise a good or bad idea?

And a cruise can, in fact, be a wonderful experience. But sometimes that experience morphs from dream to disaster. A cruise is both a means of transportation and a destination resort with its own passport requirements. As a result, it can suffer some of the problems of both—especially if you fall victim to certain cruise scams.

Are cruises really a “dream come true” experience?

Those slick TV ads can make a cruise look like the “dream come true” experience of a lifetime. And a cruise can, in fact, be a wonderful experience. But sometimes that experience morphs from dream to disaster.