What is the noun of desert?

What is the noun of desert?

desert. A barren area of land or desolate terrain, especially one with little water or vegetation; a wasteland. (figuratively) Any barren place or situation.

Is deserts a noun or verb?

Word forms: deserts, deserting, desertedpronunciation note: The noun is usually pronounced (dɛzərt ). The verb and the noun in meaning [sense 6] are pronounced (dɪzɜrt ) and are hyphenated de|sert. A desert is a large area of land, usually in a hot region, where there is almost no water, rain, trees, or plants.

Is the word desert capitalized?

Do not capitalize if not part of the proper name. Sahara, Gobi, Negev should be written without desert because these names themselves mean desert. the Sahara not the Sahara Desert; Sahara means “desert” in Arabic. …

Is Sahara Desert a proper noun?

A desert in North Africa, the largest hot desert in the world.

Do you capitalize desert in Mojave Desert?

Other rainforests and deserts (such as the Daintree Rainforest and the Mojave Desert) seem to be rather uniformly capitalized.

What type of adjective is desert?

Abandoned, deserted, or uninhabited; usually of a place.

Is the Sahel a desert?

Sahel, Arabic Sāḥil, semiarid region of western and north-central Africa extending from Senegal eastward to Sudan. It forms a transitional zone between the arid Sahara (desert) to the north and the belt of humid savannas to the south.

What is the proper noun of river?

It is usually a common noun. It is only a proper noun if it’s the name of a particular river: the Mississippi River, the Nile River, etc. The word “river,” by itself, small “r,” is not a proper noun, but it’s often part of geographic names that are proper nouns and have to be capitalized.

Is desert a capital?

Is Ocean a proper noun?

Because a specific type of noun is included in the name (“Ocean” and “Reef”), the proper noun takes the specific article. A plural proper noun usually takes a “the”; however, in certain cases it takes no article.