What is the story Wind in the Willows about?

What is the story Wind in the Willows about?

“The Wind in the Willows” is a young adult novel by Kenneth Graham which follows the adventures of the anthropomorphic animals Mole, Rat, Badger, Toad, and their friends. When the novel begins, Mole is at home doing spring cleaning, and he is quite bored with it.

Why is it called Wind in the Willows?

After back and forth correspondence with Grahame, his publisher Sir Algernon Methuen wrote to say he had settled on The Wind in the Willows because of its “charming and wet sound”. Today, one of the mysteries surrounding the novel is the meaning of the title.

Why is wind in the willows so good?

Like the other books for children selected for this series – notably Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (no 18) and Kim (no 34) – The Wind in the Willows deserves recognition as a novel in which adult readers will find wisdom, humour, entertainment and meaning, as well as many passages of great literary power, together …

What genre is Wind in the Willows?

Children’s literature
The Wind in the Willows/Genres

Why did mole give rat pencil and paper?

Why did Mole give Rat pencil and paper? He want him to write a letter. He wanted him to write down his thoughts for he would feel better.

Where is Toad Hall from Wind in Willows?

Toad Hall is the fictional home of Mr. Toad, a character in the 1908 novel ‘The Wind in the Willows’ by Kenneth Grahame….Toad Hall (The Wind in the Willows)

Toad Hall
Location The Thames Valley

What is the conflict of The Wind in the Willows?

Toad is rich and irresponsible, and with the help of his loyal friends he overcomes his impulsive nature, to a certain degree, to live a safer, more responsible, and more settled life. Mole gets lost and struggles to find safety and security.

Is Wind in the Willows an allegory?

Perhaps most of all, The Wind in the Willows is an allegorical self-portrait: all the main characters can be seen as facets of Grahame – the Banker seduced by the warm south, the outsider trying to become an insider, the man among men who loved messing about in boats, and male rather than female company.

What does mole do to help Ratty in Chapter 9?

At the end of the chapter, when Mole brings Rat back to his senses by encouraging him to write poetry again, Mole encourages Rat to get back into poetry instead of “brooding” so much. Poetry is a means of connecting with the aesthetic, i.e., the beauty of nature, and, as such, has a power to heal.

How did Toad get revenge on the washerwoman?

How did Toad get revenge on the washerwomen? He stole her horse.

What is Toad Hall based on?

The Wind in the Willows
Toad Hall is the fictional home of Mr. Toad, a character in the 1908 novel ‘The Wind in the Willows’ by Kenneth Grahame.

How did Toad trick rat into leaving the room so that he could escape?

How did Toad trick Rat into leaving so that he could escape the room? He asked for him to get a lawyer. He pretended he was sick. What did Toad do after he escaped his friends?

What is the purpose of the Wind in the Willows?

Grahame clearly had a didactic purpose for The Wind in the Willows, best evidenced by the way characters have to face consequences for their actions. Both Mole and Toad make mistakes, and suffer for them. When Mole ventures into the woods after being warned against it, he soon finds himself in a terrifying, dangerous situation.

How does Grahame use etiquette in the Wind in the Willows?

Sometimes Grahame speaks directly to the reader to comment on the importance of etiquette, whether table manners or honesty. Both through its plot and its writing style, The Wind in the Willows works hard to impart an appreciation for the manners deemed proper in early 20th century Britain.

What is the theme of home in the book Home?

Toad likes taking road trips, Mole explores the Wild Wood on his own, and even domesticated Rat feels momentarily like setting out for an ocean life. The lure towards adventure is a quality that pretty much every character in the novel shares. Working in junction with the theme of adventure is the theme of home.