What is the synonym of posture?

What is the synonym of posture?

position, pose, attitude, stance. 2’she took ballet lessons to improve her posture’ bearing, carriage, comportment, way of sitting, way of standing, stance.

What is an antonym of posture?

Antonyms. awkwardness gracefulness tidy inclined horizontal unrighteous gradual. manner of walking bearing clumsiness carriage awkwardness.

What is posture short answer?

Good posture is the proper alignment of your body when standing or sitting. Correct positioning involves training yourself to hold your body against gravity with the least strain and tension on supportive structures, such as your muscles and ligaments.

What is posture and examples?

Posture is the position of a body while standing or sitting. An example of posture is standing straight. noun.

Are upright and vertical synonyms?

synonym study for upright Upright, erect, vertical, perpendicular imply that something is in the posture of being straight upward, not leaning.

What is another word for standing posture?

What is another word for in a standing position?

upstanding erect
upright perpendicular
plumb standing
vertical raised
rearing stand-up

How do you describe posture?

Typical adjectives to describe physical posture are ‘upright’, ‘correct’, and ‘erect’ for good posture and ‘poor’ or ‘abnormal’ for bad.

What are the two types of posture?

Posture is how you hold your body. There are two types: Dynamic posture is how you hold yourself when you are moving, like when you are walking, running, or bending over to pick up something. Static posture is how you hold yourself when you are not moving, like when you are sitting, standing, or sleeping.

What are types of posture?

Which of the 5 Posture Types Are You?

  • Healthy Posture.
  • Kyphosis Posture.
  • Flat Back Posture.
  • Swayback Posture.
  • Forward Head Posture.

What are synonyms of vertical?

synonyms for vertical

  • perpendicular.
  • steep.
  • bolt upright.
  • erect.
  • plumb.
  • cocked.
  • on end.
  • sheer.

What is the synonym of straight?

honest, direct, frank, candid, truthful, sincere, forthright, straightforward, plain-spoken, plain-speaking, plain, blunt, downright, outspoken, straight from the shoulder, no-nonsense, unequivocal, unambiguous, unqualified, unvarnished.

What is the status synonym?

standing, rank, ranking, position, social position, station, level, footing, place. repute, reputation, estimation, stature. archaic condition, degree, report.