What is the synonyms for word?

What is the synonyms for word?

synonyms for word

  • conversation.
  • talk.
  • chat.
  • chitchat.
  • colloquy.
  • confab.
  • confabulation.
  • consultation.

Is there a synonym for the word the?

In this page you can discover 70 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for the, like: these, each, significant, those, a certain one, the whole, supreme, a specific one, a special one, an individual one and this.

What does a bo?

O. is an unpleasant smell caused by sweat on a person’s body. B.O. is an abbreviation for body odour. [British]

What are 100 examples of synonyms and antonyms?

nobody – everybody

  • noisy – quiet
  • noon – midnight
  • none of – al lot of
  • normal – strange
  • north – south
  • not yet – already
  • nothing – everything
  • notice – ignore
  • now – then
  • How to use “synonym” in a sentence?

    To connect – to associate,to put through: I cannot connect the computer to the internet.

  • Arise – occur: All these problems are occur by your indifference.
  • Unhappy – sad,depressed,melancholy,miserable: You are not unhappy,you just feel that way.
  • Positive – optimistic,cheerful,starry- eyed,sanguine: I always recommend you to be positive.
  • What are some examples of synonyms?

    Here are some common examples of synonyms: happy and joyful. good and virtuous. beautiful and lovely. help and aid. power and force. sad and melancholy.

    What is list of synonyms?

    ability – capability,competence,skill

  • achieve – attain,accomplish,realize,reach
  • angry – furious,irate,livid
  • appreciate – cherish,treasure,value
  • baffle – bewilder,confuse,perplex,puzzle
  • beautiful – attractive,pretty,lovely,stunning
  • bossy – controlling,domineering,overbearing
  • but – although,besides,though
  • challenge – dispute,question