What is Viera worth?

Patrick Vieira net worth: Patrick Vieira is a retired French footballer who has a net worth of $33 million….Patrick Vieira Net Worth.

Net Worth: $33 Million
Date of Birth: Jun 23, 1976 (45 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.92 m)
Profession: Football player

How much did Arsenal pay for Patrick Vieira cost?

On 10 August 1996, the Daily Mirror reported that Vieira was subject to a move to English club Arsenal, given personal terms with original suitors Ajax were not reached. He joined Arsenal four days later in a £3.5 million move.

When did Viera retire?

July 14, 2011
Patrick Vieira/Career end

Who is Patrick’s wife?

Cheryl Plaza Vieiram. 2005
Patrick Vieira/Wife

How tall are Viera?


Race Gender 0%
Viera 5’10.4″
Viera 5’7.8″
Highlander 5’8.2″

How many goals did Patrick Vieira scored for Arsenal?

Premier League Record

Appearances 307
Goals 31
Assists 34

How much did Arsenal sell Anelka for?

Sixteen years ago today, Arsenal sold Nicolas Anelka to Real Madrid for £23m and received Croatian striker Davor Suker in return.

Why did Viera leave Arsenal?

The France midfielder, who is currently on holiday in the United States, told the Sunday Mirrornewspaper he had informed Arsenal that he did not intend to sign a new deal and that he wanted to leave to fulfil his personal ambitions. “This is not about Arsenal, but about my personal ambitions as a player.

How old is Arteta?

39 years (March 26, 1982)
Mikel Arteta/Age

How old is Patrick Vieira?

45 years (June 23, 1976)
Patrick Vieira/Age

Do Miqote have ears?

Their ears are on top of their head.

How tall is a Lalafell?


Race Gender 0%
Au Ra 4’9.5″
Lalafell 2’10.2″
Lalafell 2’10.2″

What happened to Patrick Vieira at Arsenal?

Vieira was subsequently charged, banned for six matches and fined a record £45,000 by The Football Association (FA). The season ended in disappointment for both Vieira and Arsenal, as the team finished 18 points behind champions Manchester United, in second place. Arsenal reached the 2000 UEFA Cup Final,…

When did Patrick Vieira score his first goal?

Vieira scored his first goal of the campaign against Manchester United in a 3–2 victory on 9 November 1997. Vieira, however, twisted his knee during the match and was ruled out from playing for a month. He returned for the trip at Wimbledon on 22 December 1997, which was postponed due to floodlight problems.

How did Vieira start his career?

Considered one of the best players of his generation, Vieira began his career at Cannes in 1994, where several standout performances in his debut season garnered him a move to Serie A club Milan a year later. His single season in Italy was marred due to limited playing time, and he featured mainly for the reserve team.

Why was Patrick Vieira banned from football?

Against West Ham United on 2 October 1999, Vieira was sent off for a second booking, after fouling striker Paolo Di Canio. Moments after, he spat at Neil Ruddock, who walked into him and was dragged off the pitch by officials. Vieira was subsequently charged, banned for six matches and fined a record £45,000 by The Football Association (FA).