What materials does Brent use to make his last whirligig?

What materials does Brent use to make his last whirligig?

He drilled holes in seashells to make a necklace; this he hung over the head of Lea’s figurine, along with a set of wind chimes he found at the town dump. Brent glued sea glass and red reflectors into the figurine’s hair. In all, the Weeksboro whirligig was the most colorful and kinetic of the four whirligigs.

What whirligig did Brent make in Chapter 7?

Here he makes a marching band whirligig, with a drummer, a trumpet player, a clarinetist, and a trombonist. He makes Lea the clarinetist.

What whirligig does Brent build in Chapter 9?

Brent realizes that the group of dancers resemble a living whirligig: Couples turned in circles, skirts rippling. Brent stared. It was a human whirligig, set in motion by music instead of wind.

How does whirligig end?

Greatly humiliated, Brent, with alcohol coursing through his blood, takes to the wheel and decides to put an end to his miserable life. However, he doesn’t die; instead, he ends up killing Lea Zamora, an eighteen-year-old high school student.

What whirligig did Brent make in Washington?

When Brent arrives at Bellevue, Washington he starts to make his first whirligig, a harpist. There, he meets a cyclist who plays Go, who teaches him about the movement of life. In San Diego, California, Brent wanted to stay at a hostel but they tell him that only foreign travelers can stay there.

What does Brent compare drunk driving to in whirligig?

Because he was driving under the influence when he caused Lea Zamora’s death, Brent is charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and manslaughter.

What happened in Chapter 7 of the whirligig?

The desert appears stage-lit by the moon, the cactus looking like groups of wise men. Brent falls asleep with his head against the window. He gets off to look around in El Paso, where a missing-child flier reminds him of Lea, permanently missing. Outside the light is blinding, and the heat is oppressive.

What is the last chapter of whirligig about?

In this chapter, Brent starts to build his last whirligig in Maine. He encounters a woman whom he reveals his deepest, darkest secret to. When he finishes his last whirligig, he feels that he has a chance at a new life and actually is trying to live it out.

Where does Brent hang his last whirligig?

Where does he hang his last whirligig? In Maine, outside the painter’s house, by removing a birdhouse and replacing it with his whirligig.

What does Brent do at the end of the chapter?

Unlock At the end of the novel, Brent considers traveling before going home. With his whirligig project finished, Brent believes that he can confidently face his parents and Lea’s mother again. He is also looking forward to starting at a new school in the fall.

Where does Brent hang his last Whirligig?

How did Brent change from the beginning of the book to the end?

Brent moves from being a self-centered, uncaring young man, into a mature young man who comes to understand and care about others.