What state was the 45th state admitted into the Union?

What state was the 45th state admitted into the Union?


July 10, 1890 President Benjamin Harrison signs Wyoming’s statehood bill allowing Wyoming to join the Union as the 44th state.
January 4, 1896 Utah admitted to the Union as the 45th state.

What was the last of the 48 states to join the union?

Five more states joined the Union in the 20th century. Alaska and Hawaii were the last to join the nation – both were admitted together in 1959….States Ranked by Date They Entered the Union.

48 Arizona February 14, 1912
49 Alaska January 3, 1959
50 Hawaii August 21, 1959

What was the 42nd state admitted to the union?

States and Their Dates of Admission to the Union

State Date Admitted to the Union
2 Pennsylvania Dec. 12, 1787
3 New Jersey Dec. 18, 1787
4 Georgia Jan. 2, 1788
5 Connecticut Jan. 9, 1788

What was the 50th state admitted to the union?

1898: Hawaii annexed as a United States territory. 1959: Alaska and Hawaii admitted, respectively, as the 49th and 50th states of the Union.

What was the 41st state?

Stats for Stories: Montana 130th Anniversary (41st state): November 8, 2019. From the Guide to 2010 Census State and Local Geography — Montana, History: The United States acquired the area of Montana from France as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and by a treaty with Great Britain in 1846.

When was the 48th state added?

For both New Mexico and Arizona, the road to statehood was protracted and contentious. However, after much effort, on January 6, 1912 New Mexico became the 47th state and on February 14, 1912 Arizona became the 48th state in the Union.

What was the 15th state?

List of U.S. states

State Date (admitted or ratified)
15 Kentucky June 1, 1792 (admitted)
16 Tennessee June 1, 1796 (admitted)
17 Ohio March 1, 1803 (admitted)
18 Louisiana April 30, 1812 (admitted)

Were the Yankees a Union or Confederate?

During the Civil War, and even after the war came to an end, Yankee was a term used by Southerners to describe their rivals from the Union, or northern, side of the conflict. After the war, Yankee was once again mostly used to describe New Englanders. Bush (from Massachusetts and Maine) are considered cultural Yankees.