What was the average SAT score in 2006?

What was the average SAT score in 2006?

1021 out of 1600
The Class of 2006 posted an average SAT score of 1021 out of 1600, a number that was seven points lower than the composite score in math and reading for last year’s high school graduates (see the chart below for results for the last five years).

What was a perfect SAT score in 2006?

2006 was a big year in SAT history; it was the first full year of the Writing section and the maximum score changed from a 1600 to a 2400.

What was a good SAT score in 2005?

2005 College Bound Seniors Average SAT Scores

$60,000 – $70,000/year 511 1026
$70,000 – $80,000/year 517 1039
$80,000 – $100,000/year 529 1063
More than $100,000/year 554 1119

What is the average SAT score in Indiana?

Average Scores by State

State % Taking the SAT Average Score
Hawaii 54 1100
Idaho 100 993
Illinois 100 1013
Indiana 66 1080

When did SAT change to 2400?

Why the test is changing The last major changes to the SAT came in 2005, when it altered some question formats, added a written essay and changed its score scale from 1600 to 2400.

What is a good SAT score 2009?

SAT Scores Steady for Class of ’09 Average scores on the three sections of the SAT were 501 in critical reading, 493 in writing, and 515 in mathematics.

What was a good SAT score in 2007?

Average SAT Scores for Past Years: 1972-2021

Year Math Writing
2007 514 493
2008 514 493
2009 514 492
2010 515 491

What can I do with a 1600 SAT score?

What colleges can I get into with a 1600 SAT score? You’re an eligible and competitive candidate for all schools, including most selective schools. On top of applying to colleges in the Ivy League, also consider applying to colleges like the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and Georgetown University.