Where does Olivia Blois Sharpe live?

Where does Olivia Blois Sharpe live?

Season 6 encompasses Olivia Blois Sharpe and Michelle DeCarlo as they pack their things and rent a summer house in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Tracy’s wedding is also included.

How much is Olivia from jerseylicious worth?

Olivia Blois Sharpe net worth: Olivia Blois Sharpe is an American makeup artist who has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars. Based in New Jersey, Olivia Blois Sharpe is a cast member of the popular Style Network show, “Jerseylicious”.

How old is Olivia from jerseylicious?

33 years (September 13, 1988)
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What happened between Tracy and Corey?

Corey Epstein, a bit player on the reality TV show about hair stylists that features his spouse Tracy DiMarco, is accused of selling oxycodone pills outside his New Springville home to an undercover cop Jan. 2. Horace (Doc) Johnson, 59, sold crack to an undercover cop, Donovan said.

How old is Tracy DiMarco?

34 years (November 14, 1987)
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Where is the glam fairy now?

Hoboken NJ
we now have an official Glam Fairy Headquarters to call our home, namely, The Glam Factory. Located in the heart of Hoboken NJ—The Glam Factory is where Alexa and her fairy squad can transform anyone into the startlet of the dreams. There is a dimensional difference between those who do makeovers and makeup artists.

What does Olivia Blois Sharpe do now?

Most recently, Olivia starred in what she described as a “virtual reality short film that will be screened at [the] Tribeca Film Festival.” She also has a clothing line Two Virgos, which she promotes on Instagram and models for.

What happened to jerseylicious stars?

Mike Aktari, who appeared on the Style Network’s Jerseylicious from 2010-12, has died at age 28. The reality star died in his hometown of Westbury, New York, on Monday, according to TMZ. The cause of death is not yet known, but police reportedly say that foul play is not suspected.

Where is Olivia from Jerseylicious?

Olivia is now based in New York City and works for herself, having previously worked as the lead makeup artist for both The Gatsby Salon and Anthony Roberts.

Where is Gigi from Jerseylicious now?

2017. Seven years later, Gigi is still very much living the salon life. She dedicates her Instagram account to all of the cuts and colors she does. She also has a website, Gigilicious where she sells headbands and clip-in extensions.

Where does Tracy DiMarco work?

Tracy DiMarco is based in New Jersey, and works as a hairstylist at the Anthony Robert Salon. She first gained widespread notice when she was cast on the hit reality series, “Jerseylicious”, on the Style Network.

Are Frankie and Gigi still together?

Relationships. Gigi is currently single and ready to mingle after her breakup with four year boyfriend Frankie.

Where did Olivia Live when she was in jail?

At three years old, Olivia lived in Jacksonville, Florida, because her father was stationed at the local military base. In Jacksonville, she was part of a series of drug trials–previously thought to have been held only in Ohio–in which schoolchildren were used as test subjects.

What powers does Olivia have in supernatural?

She proved to be the greatest success and demonstrated a number of abilities after receiving the drug, including telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and the ability to cross safely between universes momentarily. Olivia’s abilities are tested as a child.

What happened to Olivia in the field of white tulips?

Olivia and Peter as children in the field of white tulips. Olivia’s memories of the trials eventually became repressed along with those of her childhood trauma and abuse. It is possible that hypnosis sessions conducted by Walter had also diminished the children’s memories of what was happening to them.

What happened to Olivia’s stepfather after she shot him?

It is possible that hypnosis sessions conducted by Walter had also diminished the children’s memories of what was happening to them. When she was 9, Olivia’s stepfather beat her mother particularly harshly. Olivia shot him after this but did not kill him. He survived the shooting and disappeared after his recovery.