Where was Kid Blue filmed?

Where was Kid Blue filmed?

Chupaderos, Mexico
As noted in press materials, Kid Blue was shot in Chupaderos, Mexico, a town of 400 people, which had become a popular filming location in the 1960s.

Who is Kid Blue?

Dennis Hopper
Kid Blue aka Bick Waner (Dennis Hopper) wants to go straight after being a bank robber/criminal but is constantly being told that he will never amount to anything. Sheriff “Mean John” Simpson (Ben Johnson) berates him at every turn as does Drummer (Ralph Waite), one of the residents of the boarding house Bick lives in.

What is the movie kid blue about?

Outlaw Kid Blue (Dennis Hopper) decides to give up robbing trains and go straight. Moving to the small town of Dime Box, Texas, under the name of Bickford Warner, he takes any honest work he can find. With the help of a preacher (Peter Boyle) and Reese Ford (Warren Oates), a friend he makes at the local factory, it seems that Bickford may finally be turning his life around. But for Bickford, hard work just may be too hard, especially when there are plenty of trains to rob.
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How old is Dennis Hopper?

74 years (1936–2010)
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He was 74. The cause was complications from metastasized prostate cancer, according to a statement issued by Alex Hitz, a family friend. Mr. Hopper, who said he stopped drinking and using drugs in the mid-1980s, followed that change with a tireless phase of his career in which he claimed to have turned down no parts.

When was the movie Kid Blue made?

May 1973 (USA)
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How old is Anthony Hopkins?

83 years (December 31, 1937)
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Oscars 2021 red carpet in pictures Hopkins, 83, won for his performance as an elderly man with dementia in The Father, directed by French novelist and playwright Florian Zeller, who also wrote the acclaimed stage play on which the film is based.

What age is Martin Sheen?

81 years (August 3, 1940)
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How old is Harrison Ford?

79 years (July 13, 1942)
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How many Sheen actors are there?

He is the father of actors Emilio Estevez, Ramón Estevez, Carlos Irwin Estevez (Charlie Sheen), and Renée Estevez. His younger brother Joe Estevez is also an actor. Although known as an actor, he has also directed one film, Cadence (1990), appearing alongside sons Charlie and Ramon.

How old is actor Nick Nolte?

80 years (February 8, 1941)
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What age is Clint Eastwood?

91 years (May 31, 1930)
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