Which are the largest island countries?

Which are the largest island countries?


Rank State Total in km2 (mi2)
1 Greenland (Denmark) 2,130,800 (822,700)
2 Madagascar 587,713 (226,917)
3 Canada 507,451 (195,928)
4 Indonesia 443,066 (171,069)

Which is the largest island community in the world?

The Largest Islands in the World

  • Greenland (836,330 sq miles/2,166,086 sq km)
  • New Guinea (317,150 sq miles/821,400 sq km)
  • Borneo (288,869 sq miles/748,168 sq km)
  • Madagascar (226,756 sq miles/587,295 sq km)
  • Baffin (195,928 sq miles/507,451 sq km)
  • Sumatra (171,069 sq miles/443,066 sq km)

How many island nations are there?

Island Countries Of The World

  • There are 47 island countries in the world.
  • Many island countries are small and sparsely populated, but some are large and rank among the world’s most populous countries.
  • There are island countries in every part of the world, in each of the world’s oceans.

What are the 5 largest islands in Europe?

  1. Great Britain – 229,848 Km. Map of Great Britain.
  2. Iceland – 101,826 Km. Map of Iceland.
  3. Ireland – 84,421 Km. Map of Ireland.
  4. Severny Island – 47,079 Km. Map of Severny Island.
  5. Spitsbergen – 37,673 Km. Map of Spitsbergen.
  6. Yuzhny Island – 33,246 Km. Map of Yuzhny Island.
  7. Sicily – 25,662 Km. Map of Sicily.
  8. Sardinia – 23,949 Km.

Why is Greenland not a continent?

Greenland resides on the North American tectonic plate. It is not geologically separate from Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Continents are classified to be on their own tectonic plate with their own unique flora and fauna, and unique culture. So, population wise, Greenland does not qualify as its own continent.

What is the largest island in the Caribbean?

Cuba is the largest island country in the Caribbean sea, with a total area of almost 111 thousand square kilometers, followed by the Dominican Republic, with nearly 49 thousand square kilometers.

Is Tasmania the 3rd largest island?

Australia is an independent state comprising the Australian mainland, Tasmania Island, and many other islands. Australia is the sixth-largest state on the planet and the biggest in Oceania….Largest Islands in Australia.

Rank Island Land Area (km sq)
1 Tasmania 65,022
2 Melville Island 5,765
3 Kangaroo Island 4,374
4 Groote Eylandt 2,285

What is the second largest island country in the world?

New Guinea
New Guinea New Guinea is the 2nd largest Island in the world, with an area of 785,753 sq km.

What is the smallest island country in the world?

2. It’s the world’s smallest island nation. Measuring just eight square miles, Nauru is larger than just two other countries: the Vatican City and Monaco.

Which is the largest island in North America?

Islands over 250 square miles (650 km2)

Rank Island’s Name Area (km2)
1 Hawaii Island (the Big Island) 10,433
2 Kodiak Island 9,293
3 Puerto Rico 8,710
4 Prince of Wales Island 6,675

Which is Europe’s largest island?

Great Britain
Great Britain Great Britain is the largest island in Europe, and it is also part of the UK. It includes the countries of Wales, Scotland, and England.

Why is Australia not considered as an island?

At about 3 million square miles (7.7 million square km), Australia is the smallest continent on Earth. According to Britannica, an island is a mass of land that is both “entirely surrounded by water” and also “smaller than a continent.” By that definition, Australia can’t be an island because it’s already a continent.

Which countries have the most islands?

Sweden as one of the northernmost countries on earth is the country with the most islands in the world, namely 221,831 islands. Although Sweden has many islands, only about 1,000 of them are inhabited. In addition, 24,000 islands are open to the public through the country’s Public Access Rights policy.

What are the 10 largest islands in the world?

Greenland. At 836,109 sq mi ( 2,166,086 sq km),Greenland is the largest island on Earth (unless you want be annoying and start counting continents as islands).

  • New Guinea. Coming at numero dos,New Guinea is the 2nd largest island in the world with an area of 303,500 sq mi (786,000 km sq),which is pretty significantly
  • Borneo.
  • Madagascar.
  • What is the 22nd largest island in the world?

    Hispaniola. Hispaniola is the site of the first European colonies in the New World, which were founded by Christopher Columbus on his voyages in 1492 and 1493. It is the ninth-most-populous island in the world, and the most populous in the Americas. It is the second largest island in the Caribbean (after Cuba) and the 22nd-largest island in the world.

    What is the largest island in the US?

    The biggest island in the mainland United States is Long Island, which covers 1,401 square miles. Long Island belongs to the state of New York, is located on the Atlantic coast, and is one of the most heavily populated areas in the country.