Who owns Live mixtapes?

Who owns Live mixtapes?

LiveMixTapes.com is run by Dan Ivans Jr., his brother Thomas, and recent additions Fingaz, Pesh, and the Kickdrums’ Matt Penttila (aka Tilla).

When was DatPiff popular?

When the music distribution platform entered the industry in 2005, it became one of the go-to places to hear mixtapes. For rappers, producers, DJs, and hip-hop fans across the world, DatPiff developed into a favorite place to share music directly with fans. It became home.

What does sponsored on DatPiff mean?

In addition to the cheaper price, if you sponsor your mixtape, it means that people can download your music much more easily. There’s no need to sign up for a DatPiff account. Also if you sponsor your mixtape, they will remain sponsored on DatPiff for as long as they remain on the site – there’s no time limit!

Does DatPiff have ads?

Advertise on DatPiff A representative will get back to you shortly with a list of advertising opportunities.

Does DatPiff have an app?

DatPiff for Android devices brings DatPiff’s MASSIVE mixtape collection to you, wherever you are! Search, Stream and Download on the go!

When did Livemixtapes start?


Type of site Digital Music
Registration Not required
Users 15,000,000+
Launched 2005
Current status Active

How do you drop a mixtape on DatPiff?

How To Get Your Mixtape On DatPiff?

  1. Create An Account or Sign-In.
  2. Go To “My Files”
  3. Go To The “Applications” tab.
  4. Complete The Application & Wait.
  5. Follow Up Via Email Every 7-14 Days.
  6. Once Approved, Go Back To “My Files”
  7. Click On Upload Mixtape.
  8. Upload Your Music.

How much is DatPiff worth?


Type of site Digital Music
Area served Worldwide
Founder(s) Marcus Frasier
Key people Kyle “KP” Reilly (EVP, Head of Music)
Revenue $2.3 million

Does DatPiff cost money?

DJs & Artists, uploading your mixtape to DatPiff is 100% FREE and now easier than ever. To get started, follow the steps below: Register: You must have a DatPiff account in order to upload your mixtape.

Why is DatPiff free?

A key feature of DatPiff is that unregistered users are allowed to download for free any mixtape uploaded to the site that has been Sponsored – i.e. funded by the artist or label. Registered users are permitted a limited number of downloads of non-sponsored mixtapes per day.

Can you Download off DatPiff?

Datpiff allows to download mixtapes free, but unregistered users have limitations on downloading.

What is the best mixtape of all time?

In homage to that era, here are the Top 10 Mixtapes Of All Time!

  • Meek Mill, Dreamchasers 2.
  • ASAP Rocky, Love Live A$AP.
  • Chance The Rapper, Acid Rap.
  • Drake, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.
  • Kendrick Lamar, O. Verly D.
  • Childish Gambino, Royalty.
  • J. Cole, Friday Night Lights.
  • Lil Wayne, Da Drought 3 (Disc 1) / No Ceilings.