Who was on the 1976 Indiana championship team?

Who was on the 1976 Indiana championship team?

March 29, 1976 – Since the preseason, Indiana had been No. 1. Starting two All-Americans, forward Scott May and center Kent Benson, to go with Quinn Buckner, Tom Abernethy and Bobby Wilkerson, the Hoosiers won their first 31 games going into tonight’s NCAA final in Philadelphia.

Who won the NCAA championship in 1976?

Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball
1976 NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament/Champion

What was so special about the 1976 win for Indiana?

– The 1976 Indiana national championship team, the last one to win the NCAA title with an unbeaten record, was the focus of a Sports Illustrated cover story on Friday. The Hoosiers went 32-0 in 1976, winning the school’s third NCAA championship and Bob Knight’s first at the school.

How many games did IU win in 1976?

31 games
The Wildcats won 31 games, the SEC tournament and advanced to the Final Four, becoming the first lossless team to do so in 24 seasons. Then they ran into Wisconsin, losing in the semifinals. After that defeat Pat Knight called his father, Bob, the coach of the last undefeated men’s team in college hoops.

Who was in the Final Four in 1976?

1976 NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament

NCAA logo from 1971 to 1979
Season 1975–76
Champions Indiana Hoosiers (3rd title, 3rd title game, 4th Final Four)
Runner-up Michigan Wolverines (2nd title game, 3rd Final Four)
Semifinalists Rutgers Scarlet Knights (1st Final Four) UCLA Bruins (13th Final Four)

Who coached 1976 Hoosiers?

Bobby Knight
The 1976–77 Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball team represented Indiana University. Their head coach was Bobby Knight, who was in his 6th year. The team played its home games in Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Indiana, and was a member of the Big Ten Conference.

How many teams were in the 1976 NCAA?

1976 NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament/Teams

Who was in the 1976 Final Four?

What college basketball team has had a perfect season?

1- UCLA Bruins (1972): They remained undefeated at 30-0 and managed to win the 8th championship in 9 years under the legendary coach John Wooden. Their squad could boast of players like Bill Walton who won 3 successive College Player of the Year awards and later led a prominent career in the NBA.

Who was the last college basketball team to go undefeated?

The last undefeated men’s basketball team from every season this century, ranked. Gonzaga (31-1) was the final undefeated DI men’s basketball team last season, as the ‘Zags nearly made history as they had the opportunity to become the first undefeated national champion in 45 years.

What year did Indiana go undefeated?

Larry Bird couldn’t match the 1976 Hoosiers after his undefeated Indiana State team lost to Magic Johnson and Michigan State in the 1979 title game. Duke shocked loaded UNLV in 1991. Kentucky crushed Witchita State’s hopes of perfection in 2014, and Wisconsin did the same to Kentucky the following year.

Could IU have won the 1976 Hoosiers basketball championship?

If May doesn’t get hurt, IU probably plays in the championship game against John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins. If May was healthy, the Hoosiers likely would have won the game. They were more talented and better coached. The Hoosiers had a lofty goal in 1976.

What happened in the 1976 NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Naismith Award winner Scott May was the tournament’s leading scorer with 113 points, but Kent Benson was named Most Outstanding Player after scoring 25 points against the Wolverines. The Hoosiers were not the only unbeaten team entering the 1976 NCAA tournament. Rutgers maintained an unblemished record, reaching their first Final Four.

Can another program match the 1975–76 Indiana Hoosiers’ perfect season?

Regardless, for 45 years now, the 1975–76 Indiana Hoosiers have expected another program to match their mark, to win every game in the regular season and every game in a conference tournament and every NCAA tournament affair. Surely, a Duke, a Kentucky, a North Carolina—one would, at some point, in some year, complete a “perfect” season.

Who did Indiana Basketball play against in a pre-season game?

Indiana played a pre-season exhibition against the Soviet national team. They convincingly beat the reigning world champions by the score of 94–78. The Soviet team included two stars from their 1972 gold medal team-Aleksandr Belov and Sergei Belov.