Who won the Cup in 2001?

Who won the Cup in 2001?

Colorado Avalanche
2001 Stanley Cup Finals/Champion

Who won the Stanley Cup in the 2000’s?

New Jersey Devils
2000 Stanley Cup Finals/Champion

Who won the Stanley Cup in 2003?

2003 Stanley Cup Finals/Champion

2003 New Jersey Devils The New Jersey Devils won their third Stanley Cup in nine seasons after defeating Anaheim in Game 7 of the Cup Final. The series marked the first time since 1965 that the home team won every game in the final.

What years did Detroit win the Cup?

Since 1983–84, the Red Wings have tallied six regular season first-place finishes and have won the Stanley Cup four times (1997, 1998, 2002, and 2008).

Who won the 2021 Stanley Cup?

Tampa Bay Lightning
2021 Stanley Cup Finals/Champion

Who won Stanley Cup 1999?

Dallas Stars
1999 Stanley Cup Finals/Champion
1999 Dallas Stars Dallas took the series in six games, with Brett Hull scoring the winning goal at 14:51 of the third overtime session. The second-longest game in the history of the Stanley Cup Final ended at 1:30 a.m. local time in Buffalo.

Who won the NHL in 2005?

Carolina Hurricanes

2005–06 NHL season
Playoffs MVP Cam Ward (Hurricanes)
Stanley Cup
Champions Carolina Hurricanes
Runners-up Edmonton Oilers

Who won 2004 Stanley Cup?

2004 Stanley Cup Finals/Champion
The 2004 Stanley Cup playoffs for the National Hockey League began on April 7, 2004, following the 2003–04 regular season. The playoffs ended with the Tampa Bay Lightning winning the Stanley Cup with a seven-game series win over the Calgary Flames on June 7. It was Tampa Bay’s first Stanley Cup victory.

Who won NHL in 2004?

2004 Stanley Cup Finals/Champion

When did the Red Wings join the NHL?

The Detroit Red Wings were formed and joined the NHL in 1926. The Red Wings were originally the Detroit Cougars, became the Detroit Falcons in 1930, and were renamed the Detroit Red Wings in 1932. The team has the most Stanley Cup wins of any U.S. franchise, with 11.

When did the Red Wings win the Cup?

Hockey League (NHL) history—led the Detroit Red Wings to three Stanley Cup championships (1997, 1998,…… …he was traded to the Detroit Red Wings and led them to a Stanley Cup championship in 2002.…

Who won the Cup in 2011?

Boston Bruins
2011 Stanley Cup Finals/Champion

What country has the most World Cup titles?

Brazil have won five times, and they are the only team to have played in every tournament. The other World Cup winners are Germany and Italy, with four titles each; Argentina, France and inaugural winner Uruguay, with two titles each; and England and Spain with one title each.

Who was the last World Cup winner?

Uruguay’s 2–1 victory over Brazil was the decisive match (and one of the last two matches of the tournament) which put them ahead on points and ensured that they finished top of the group as world champions. Therefore, this match is regarded by FIFA as the de facto final of the 1950 World Cup.

How many teams are in the World Cup?

FIFA chiefs vote for bloated new format FIFA Council have unanimously approved a World Cup of 48 teams The tournament currently has 32 sides in eight groups of four From 2026, the competition will have 16 groups of three teams

Who invented the World Cup?

The FIFA World Cup was created by Frenchman Jules Rimet, a former president of the organization. That’s the reason, to this day, the trophy that serves as one of the competition awards named after the French. The first World Cup championship was held in 1930 in Uruguay.