Why did Kitchie Nadal left Mojofly?

Why did Kitchie Nadal left Mojofly?

In 2003, she left the band for a solo career under Be. Live Artist Management after doing two albums—Birthday (1999) and A Million Stories (2002). Kitchie offered this answer: “Mojofly kasi was more of a Ricci band. I only sing songs.” (You just read between the lines.)

What happened to Kitchie Nadal?

Kitchie Nadal, whose fame skyrocketed in the early 2000s after her hit songs “Bulong”, “Huwag Na Huwag Mong Sasabihin”, and “Same Ground”, is now based in Spain with her Spanish journalist husband, Carlos Lopez.

Is Kitchie Nadal a band?

MOJOFLY1999 – 2003
Kitchie Nadal/Music groups

Who is Nina girado husband?

Enrico Enriquezm. 2015
Nina Girado/Husband

Why did Aia De Leon left Imago?

MANILA – Vocalist Aia de Leon has left the rock group Imago, according to Filipino music website Radio Republic. “Aia has decided to pursue a career outside Imago. The band knows this is a point in her life where she has to explore different outlets for her artistry.

How old is Barbie Almalbis?

44 years (August 26, 1977)
Barbie Almalbis/Age

Where is Kitchie Nadal from?

Manila, Philippines
Kitchie Nadal/Place of birth

How many octaves does Katrina Velarde have?

5 octaves
Vocal Profile Entitled as the “Asia’s Vocal Supreme”, Katrina Velarde is a Lyric Coloratura Soprano whose vocal range spans virtually 5 octaves (4.7 octaves), stretching from C3 to B7, with the exception of an exclaimed 8th octave whistle note (C8).

How old is Nina Philippines?

41 years (November 1, 1980)
Nina Girado/Age

Who is the vocalist of moonstar88?

Maychelle Baay
Bon SundiangTeng Marcelo

What happened to Aia de Leon?

The band’s vocalist is reportedly pursuing a career outside of the band and there’s no word yet on what’s next for remaining members Zach Lucero, Tim Cacho and Myrene Academia, who’s also the bassist for another rock band, Sandwich. “Aia has decided to pursue a career outside Imago.

Who is Karel Honasan?

Karel Honasan is a staple in the Philippine music industry, mainly for his work as Musical Director for prominent artists such as X-Factor Philippines Grand Champion, KZ Tandingan, Philippine R&B Royalty, Kyla, and rising star, Ylona Garcia.