Why do pistols Jam?

Some reasons a gun might jam are faulty ammunition, a magazine that was dropped on concrete might get bent. Guns do require maintenance and on occasion a new extractor, or firing pin or other parts. Bringing in a gun from outside when it is freezing can cause condensation and if not allowed to dry can jam the gun if taken back outside.

How does a revolver Jam?

Yes, revolvers can jam. A revolver is a complex mechanism. Pulling the trigger on a double action revolver rotates the cylinder to bring up the next unfired cartridge, drives the hammer back compressing the hammer spring and forces the bolt down against its spring, allowing the cylinder to Rotate freely .

What is a break action revolver?

Break Action. A shell is inserted into the breech (up to two for a double barreled shotgun and up to six for a revolver), and the mechanism is closed and latched. The hammer is then pulled back and latched. The weapon can now ready be fired, done by squeezing the trigger.